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Directions to Holyoke Creative Arts @Mill City


Our main address is 150 Front Street, Suite 5, West Springfield MA 01089. At this location we have 2 Studios. Studio A for a variety of classes including chair caning, woodcarving plus weekend workshops and Studio U that houses upholstery and our flex space.


Mill City is a cluster of Mill buildings and can be a little tricky to get to the first time.


There are two ways to get there. Going through West Springfield side from the north or via the Agawam side from the southwest. If you enter through the Agawam side you will go through a gate that will be open during classes.


See map below.



NOTE: Please be advised that in September, during the Big E, traffic will be more congested especially on the Agawam side. Please allow more time to come to class. When coming from the West Springfield side you’ll need to cross the railroad tracks to enter the Mill City complex. Train traffic is intermittent and occasionally a train may be moving slowly or stopped on the tracks. If you get stuck for too long go around the Agawam way. Please be patient and exercise caution navigating the train tracks. 


See image below to locate the Suite 5 entrance in the Mill City complex and parking.


Please call or e-mail us if you need additional assistance.



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